July 23, 2024

Bethlehem: 7-Year-Old Boy Chased by Israeli Soldiers Dies of Heart Attack

ALBAWABA – A seven-year-old Palestinian boy has dies of a heart attack after being chased by Israeli soldiers. 

The name of Rayan Sulieman from Al Khansa school, a Bethlehem neigbourhood is trending on the social media for his shocking death. He and his mates were chased by Israeli soldiers and out of fear, he literally dropped on the floor and died.  

He was quickly taken to hospital but the boy was pronounced dead on arrival. Much is being written about the terrible incident and posted on the social media. Officials in the Beit Jala hospital said a 7-year-old Palestinian child has died after falling from a high place while running away from Israeli soldiers who were chasing him in the Bethlehem area village of Toqou.

They added that the child was brought to the hospital after his heart has stopped and efforts to revive him failed.

The United Kingdom called on Friday for a swift and thorough investigation into the death of the seven-year-old Palestinian boy, after his father said he died of heart failure while being chased by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank, the Palestine Chronicle reported. 

This is while the United States has called for a full investigation into the death of the boy whose father Yaser said the soldiers chased his son to their house, and because his son was so scared of the soldiers he tried to run away but apparently his heart stopped and he fell dead.